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Explore one of 16 graduate programs including doctoral degree programs in Physical Therapy and Nursing.

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我们为你提供灵活的上课方式——周末, evenings, on campus, online, or a combination of both.


Dominican University is just 17 miles from New York City, in the heart of Rockland County. 我们的位置提供实习,临床机会和更多.

如果你想参观校园,见见老师, 请从我们众多的参观机会中选择.

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Almost 15,000 Dominican University alumni live and work in the New York metro region and across the U.S

Brianne Macalena-Maddalena
MS in Ed 2016

The MS Education program has been unbelievable for allowing me to follow my dream.  我最喜欢这个项目的一点就是教授们.  他们都是教师或管理人员,他们在这个领域工作, hands-on, so they have realistic advice that I can really benefit from in the future.

Ann Marie Coppin
MS in Ed 2018

At Dominican University, we do student teaching and that’s when I really got to understand that I do have a gift with children.

Michael Habersaat
PT 2018

学院离纽约市很近, so it gives a lot of grad students an opportunity to be in some of the best medical and research hospitals in the world.  Because it’s a weekend program, every single one of the faculty is practicing full time.

Jonathan Green
DNP 2017 and FNP 2014

We are constantly emailing back and forth as a class, supporting each other.  教师是我的导师,我的同事,我们可以讨论.  This is a degree that will set us apart from our peers as nurses and nurse practitioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for admission as a degree seeking student (matriculating student) to a graduate program at Dominican University?

  • 获得认可机构颁发的学士学位
  • 每个研究生课程都有具体的要求 click here for more information:


M.S. 护理学:家庭护士
• Applications will be reviewed until the end of March or until the cohort is full.

      • March 1

        All Other Graduate Programs:

          Our Graduate Programs utilize a rolling admissions procedure in which applications are processed as they are received. To become a competitive applicant, prospective students are encouraged to apply and send the necessary documents to the Office of Graduate Admissions as soon as possible.

            Please note that applications will not be reviewed until they are complete.

              What is the application fee?

                The application fee is $50. When submitting the online application you may pay your application fee by credit card at the end of the application process.

                  If you apply using a paper application you must pay your fee by check or money order. 请将50美元支票支付给多明尼加大学.

                  职业治疗和物理治疗 applicants must also pay fees associated with OTCAS and PTCAS, 集中应用服务. 


                          Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Programs 多明尼加大学的学生参加集中申请服务s, known as OTCAS and PTCAS.

                          如欲了解更多有关申请程序,请浏览 OTCAS or  www.ptcas.org.


                            Office of Graduate Admissions
                            Doyle Hall
                            Dominican University
                            470 Western Highway
                            Orangeburg, NY 10962

                              Are there any additional requirements if I am applying as an International Student?

                              Since Dominican University receives a number of applications from students around the world, we require our students to have their credentials evaluated for equivalency and authenticity. A degree obtained in another country outside of the US may be different compared to US standards. Since Dominican University does not accept foreign transcripts or certificates, unless otherwise noted, 您必须提交一份外国学术证书评估报告。. This can be done through organizations such as: World Education Services (WES), 全球证书评估师(GCE), 和教育证书评估员(ECE). Evaluation agencies are third party providers and have their own policies and procedures.

                                此外,作为外语的英语考试(T.O.E.F.L.) must be submitted by all applicants from any non-English speaking countries, unless otherwise noted. 有关资料及报名表格可向香港邮政索取.O.E.F.L. 教育考试服务中心,普林斯顿,N.J. 08540 or visit the T.O.E.F.L. 有关最新信息的网站:WWW.toefl.org.


                                    Office of Graduate Admissions
                                    Doyle Hall
                                    Dominican University
                                    470 Western Highway
                                    Orangeburg, NY 10962


                                      To be admitted as a non-matriculated (non-degree-seeking) graduate student in order to take courses for teacher certification or personal enrichment, you must:
                                      1. Submit a completed application form with a $50 non-refundable application fee.
                                      2. Submit an official transcript indicating receipt of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
                                      3. 最多修两(2)门课程.

                                        Admission and enrollment as a non-matriculated student in no way implies admission to a degree program. Students wishing to change their status from non-matriculated to matriculated must reapply and meet all college and program requirements. Each program specifies the maximum number of credits from non-matriculated status that may be applied to a degree program.

                                        Graduate Programs

                                        多明尼加大学提供商业专业的研究生课程, Education, Nursing, 职业治疗和物理治疗.
                                        If you are juggling work, family and other responsibilities, 这些研究生项目可以提供支持, 实现目标所需要的灵活性和灵感.

                                        7 Areas of Study

                                        For students interested in—


                                        to work with the visually impaired, disabled, and other learners, including children and adolescents (MSEd)

                                        Healthcare Management

                                        and the financial well-being of hospitals, agencies and other organizations (MBA)

                                        Physical Therapy

                                        并使用治疗干预来恢复, 维持和改善整个生命周期的功能和活动能力 (DPT)


                                        培养具有高级护理实践技能的领导者 (DNP)


                                        for nurses who seek to integrate practice and theory to provide an advanced level of primary care (FNP)

                                        Occupational Therapy

                                        to help individuals improve, adapt, and/or maintain their skills to engage in meaningful everyday day-to-day activities through occupation-based interventions (BS/MSOT)

                                        Nearly 25 years


                                        1994 – 特许提供教育学硕士学位

                                        1996 – 特许提供理学硕士学位

                                        2004 – 特许提供物理治疗博士学位

                                        2007 – 特许提供工商管理硕士学位

                                        2014 – 特许提供护理实践博士学位


                                        Over 600 sites are open to graduate students in Nursing, 职业治疗和物理治疗—

                                        Over 500



                                        • In Business:
                                        • In Nursing:
                                        •  In Occupational Therapy:
                                        • In Physical Therapy:

                                        Do you want to visit the campus?

                                        Visit the Campus Visit page 查看研究生信息会的日期.

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